Folders can come in all shapes and sizes and can me made to your specific requirements

They can be used for many presentation needs –  for school prospectus or business proposal, training packs and welcome folders.

A well designed and printed folder can set the tone of your presentation before any meeting or phone call.

Presentation folders are a subtle but effective way to organise documents, and a great marketing tool.

We all know the importance of creating the right impression and if you’re meeting a new customer or providing contracts, training material and other important documents, every detail counts.


When designing your folder keep in mind the following tips:

• Keep it minimal – Presentation folders are functional and, ultimately, it’s what’s inside that counts – so minimalism is key

• Got a tagline? Use it – As well as including your company name and logo, you could also consider adding a tagline that represents your business

• Use a strong image – A folder is a great place to showcase an inspiring image that represents your company and services

• Think about the content – If you know that you’ll mostly be using folders for a particular purpose, consider including that in your cover message

• Include contact information –  It’s always good practice to let your customers know how they can reach you. Include your phone number, website, email and social media links

We have a range of folder cutters in stock.  Bespoke items can easily be arranged to help meet your needs and make you stand out from the crowd.

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